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  1. Background to building a legitimate political opposition
  2. What kind of coalition and with what objectives?
  3. Organizational structure of National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA)
  4. NCA capacity building program


English translation of original text issued in Dari and Pashto languages

In the Name of God Almighty

Declaration of the National Coalition of Afghanistan
Kabul, December 22, 2011

The God-loving and courageous nation of Afghanistan finally attained an important historical opportunity ten years ago. Out of its historical struggles to defend against foreign attacks and to obtain its freedom, independence and national sovereignty, it had the opportunity to realize its great national aspirations and goals. Unfortunately the state leadership, because of a lack of national vision and weakness of management, was unable to take advantage of this great and historical chance for the benefit of national interests. It proved unable to ensure security, stability, progress and development of the principal infrastructures of the country.

Now after ten years since the beginning of the new political process, with the presence and extensive cooperation of the world community and expenditure of large investments, our country still is caught in the depth of crisis. We continue to face many troubles and serious political, economic, security and social problems. Although during the last ten years, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the people of Afghanistan and the assistance of the international community, some positive changes in the lives of our people have occurred, the change has been scant given the high level of assistance that has been provided.

The state of Afghanistan during these years has not been able to realize the country’s key strategic goals. We have not yet established a fully responsible and democratic regime; we continue to lack strong legal institutions, rule of law and execution of justice; corruption still goes on and needed reforms in the administrative, legal and judicial systems have not taken place.

Continued insecurity, injustice, administrative corruption, the squandering of our national resources, the ascendency of Mafia-like groups over people’s fate; and increases in poverty and drug addiction have all painted a dark vision and prospect for our Afghan people.

In such a situation and under such conditions, political groups and national personalities have a responsibility to pay their national due and play their historical role in rescuing the country and society from the depth of the current crisis.

The National Coalition of Afghanistan, as a large political movement springing from the popular will, has come into existence with the aim of achieving change in the structure of the political regime, advancing the rule of law and instituting the values of democracy, people’s participation in important national decisions, safeguarding independence and national unity, reforming the administrative system, and fighting against one-man decision making and breaking of the law.

1.The National Coalition recognizes and appreciates the political activities of the Coalition for Change and Hope; and with a new organization that includes national parties, organizations and personalities, in order to defend people’s interests and realize important national aspirations, it is now forming an opposition and an alternative political movement.

2.The National Coalition, to establish an all-encompassing nexus and national leadership, has reached an agreement on the organizational structure and new platform by means of understanding and dialog with political parties, political organizations, national personalities, Jehad figures, religious ulema, tribal elders and cultural and knowledge elites.

3.As the nexus of national unity, the National Coalition, which is composed of active and goal-oriented political parties and sides, considers its own objectives as ensuring national unity, strengthening of the regime of the Islamic Republic, realization of democracy, fostering of peace and stability, rule of law, reform of the legal and judicial system, transparency in the financial and banking system and the uprooting of administrative corruption.

4.The National Coalition considers the parliamentary system more in line with the political and social conditions of the country and advocates its realization as a good way to strengthen national participation and to achieve a more responsive and serving government by, to and for the people of this country.

5.The National Coalition insists on holding the coming presidential election in May 2014 in a manner that is transparent, fair, and void of any fraud, based on a census of the population, distribution of a national identification card to each citizen, making electable the positions of the chairman and members of the Independent Election Commission (the IEC) and instituting reforms in the IEC organization.

6.The National Coalition supports and is appreciative of the active efforts of the world community in the fight against terrorism and extremism and their role in the reconstruction of the country and establishment of security; it asks them to support their commitment to strengthen the democratic process and the development of the political program in Afghanistan.

7.The National Coalition insists on the principles of good neighborliness with neighboring countries, non-interference in one another’s internal affairs, independent judgment in international issues, being on the side of peace and security in the region and the world, respect for the United Nations Charter, and commitment to the fight against terrorism and narcotics.

8.The National Coalition will try, based on its economic design and programs, while building balanced economic development infrastructures, to move Afghanistan from a vulnerable and consumer-oriented, land-locked country to a secure country that serves as a connecting commercial, economic and cultural bridge in the region.

9.Ensuring the well-being of citizens, launching effective programs to reduce poverty and unemployment, establishing a credit fund to support retirees and other needy people and offering social services to them are among the important programs of the National Coalition. In addition, we consider vital an emphasis on the agricultural development and the rural sector.

10.The National Coalition believes in the principle of understanding and dialog to solve national issues. It will work on this basis for a cessation of war and armed conflict, ensuring security, and establishing durable peace. At the same time it will defend Afghanistan’s territorial integrity against threats from international terrorism and foreign interference, and it insists on supplying and strengthening the army and security forces and mobilizing the people’s energy.

11.The National Coalition considers the level of knowledge the basis of a society’s awareness. Accordingly the National Coalition insists on investing in the areas of education, higher education and vocational education and will work for the development of cultural activities and tools of public communication and information to our people.

12.Youth are a treasure and motivating force of our country. The National Coalition has effective programs for building their academic capacities, vocational and specialized skills and will work hard to help transfer work, knowledge, culture, politics and social experience to the youth and stimulate their creativity and human resources.

13.Women are half of our society and a large human resource in the country’s road to construction in all its facets. The National Coalition will work for their active presence and participation in all sectors of life and society and for augmenting their knowledge and academic standing as well as for their human rights.

14.The National Coalition will soon present to the public its specific plans and programs regarding peace and dialog with anti-state armed groups, the election process and the issue of transfer of security from international forces to the Afghan armed forces.



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