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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at the Inauguration of the Second Round of the Campaign

This great rally in the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul on May 22, 2014 was attended by the leaders of other electoral tickets that have recently joined the Reform and Partnership Team, the leaders of political parties and ethnic elders.

In this rally, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the successful candidate for the 2014 presidential election, began his speech by saying: “Respected leaders of electoral tickets, leaders of political parties, members of Parliament, respected clergy, national personalities, ethnic leaders, members of civil society, dear youth, sisters and brothers. He congratulated the start of the second round of election and praised the epic creation of the people in the first round. He said: He hoped that the start of the campaign for this second round is a good opportunity for the people to once again take serious steps for deciding their own future. “


He continued: “In this round also I believe that people will prove their commitment to the vision of our martyrs, to democracy and to the creation of better opportunities.


He thanked the security forces for the first round and for the sacrifice that they made.


The Reform and Partnership Team which is extending to larger groups represents national unity and creates better social justice as a result of other teams joining it. Fate and future is not decided upon by the Estekhara (a prayer recited by Muslims when in need of guidance on an issue in their life) but every vote of the people is crucial.


You voted for our platform. We have defined programs in the areas of security, peace process, good governance, fight against corruption, poverty and unemployment reduction, investment, future of youth, citizens’ rights inclusive of men and women, respectful return of refugees, healthcare, education, improvement in foreign relations with neighbors and others, better attracting international assistance, attending to the invalids and other areas.  


The basis of our team is that starting today we begin our visits to the provinces and present our programs to the people, and we would like to hear from the people to further understand their needs and wants, to learn from the people so that we may create a government that is responsive and democratic.


When we go to the competitive campaigns, the campaign atmosphere must be wholesome, upright, sound, sensible and above all ethical. Of course, the teams with whom we competed in the past and now are with us followed this tenet and we will do so again together. The people of Afghanistan want a better and transparent election - - which is the responsibility of the Independent Election Commission and the Electoral Complaint Commission. The people of Afghanistan do not accept engineered fraud and we all have to be fully aware of our duty.


Today we are in the first day of the second round of election and from the get go we begin with iron will and with full belief in the people of Afghanistan in deciding their future. You are aware of the result of the first round when we were first and the result of the second round will also be written with the able fingers of you people. We want to create an opportunity for the people whereby better tomorrows await them.


In closing, I would like to thank the media which played an effective role in providing timely information to the Afghan people. From now on, your role will also be special in this historic decision of the people.”


Finally, Dr. Abdullah spoke about debates being a part of campaigns and proposed that since everyone is short of time, the media in unison should invite both candidates to one single debate to face each other and respond to all questions. He said that “just as we were victorious in the debates of the first round, we will be so this time too and respond in our usual truthful and frank manner.” 


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