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Essential Points of the Press Conference of 4th of Sunbula/26th of August

Essential Points of the Press Conference of 4th of Sunbula/26th of August

Place: The Media Center of the Independent Election Commission

Time: 11 am

Presenter: Judge Fazel Ahmad Manawi, Head of the Technical Team of the Reform and Partnership Team

The announcement of the results judged on 3,748 polling stations which took place yesterday, 3 Sunbula, on the part of the Independent Election Commission was contrary to the realities and commitments which were made with us and is seriously contrary to the documents that we hold.


We as the essential side of this process, who claim that in this election extensive and engineered fraud has taken place, want a transparent and responsive audit as a result of which the clean vote of the people is separated from the fraudulent vote, and the election result is determined by the true vote of the people. For this purpose, during the various steps of this process we proposed with the United Nations designs and specific, logical and documented proposals to the majority of which no attention was paid, and finally the consequence of this lack of attention and kindness was such that the process of the invalidation of the votes happened as it did yesterday. As an example of the proposals that we submitted to the United Nations and to which not attention was given, we here enumerate the following:

1.       The audit procedure was built in a one-sided manner and the majority of our points of views which were presented to ensure better transparency were not taken into account. Not only during the preliminary conversations that we had with the United Nations most of our legal demands were not taken into account but also in the finalizing of this document our team had no part and the document was forced on us on a one-sided manner.

2.       About the procedure of invalidation, the United Nations had agreed with us to take into account our views - - which did not happen. We were told that during the process of audit if we encounter new evidence that is documented and reasoned, that will be attended to. In every step of the way, we presented our points of view in a documented and reasoned manner which was not considered. The invalidation procedure was put into practice in a one-sided and imposed manner.

3.       We shared with our international partners examples of thousands of result sheets from various provinces in which tens of result sheets, even in some cases all polling stations of a district were filled and signed by only one person. In it only one person has signed as the observer (in other words, there are instances also that in 38 polling stations of one district only one person has filled all the forms and one person as Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s observer has signed each.) In the majority of these polling stations whose number reaches close to two thousands either Dr. Abdullah’s observer is not present or the same person has signed in Dr. Abdullah’s box as Dr. Abdullah’s observer. These documents alone and by themselves show the extensive and engineered fraud. But even though we raised these issued with the leadership of the United Nations in Kabul, no attention was given to it.

4.       In these documents there exist hundreds of result sheets which have no stamp and no signature of the head of the polling of station. Legally such result sheets are invalid (have no credence) and must not have been included in the count. For example, in the first round of election result sheets that had no stamp and no signature were invalidated.

5.       Based on the procedure and guideline that the IEC employees were trained on, all ballot sheets must be folded before being inserted in the ballot box. In other words, the folding of the ballot sheet is one essential condition of the credibility of the vote and in case the ballot sheet is not folded must essentially be invalidated. In different election periods this issue was cause for invalidation of the vote. In the first round of election as well, tens of thousands of ballot sheets were invalidated for this reason. In spite of the fact that we raised this issue with the United Nations many times, no attention was given to it.

6.       There are hundreds of cases in which ballot sheets of several polling stations are mixed with each other and are put in the ballot box of one polling station. This situation speaks of the existence of disarray in these hundreds of polling stations and is evident documents of extensive fraud. We raised this issue many times but nobody paid attention to it.

7.       Of the 184 polling centers which based on security evaluations and on the decision of the three branches of the armed forces were shown as closed, from 190 polling stations of these ballots have been entered into the system, and their official documents exist. In other words, the vote of 190 closed polling stations has been entered into the system in favor of one candidate. In spite of the fact that we raised this issue with much seriousness with the United Nations it was not acted upon. 

We have reached this conclusion that these words will not go anywhere; tomorrowwe will not arrive at that legitimate outcome that we were expecting from the election. Therefore, with responsibility I announce to the exalted nation of Afghanistan that if by tomorrow (Wednesday) in other words end of today, tonight or tomorrow morning, all our reasonable demands which are not excessive demand, extra request or vain talk, are absolutely accepted, we will continue this process and will accept the outcome no matter what.


But if our demands are not accepted, we will lose our patience. Everyday our observers toil with serious problems and work hard but the result goes to the possession of those who have no will to take fraud out of the election.


I reiterate that if by tomorrow at the beginning of the official day these demands are not accepted we will announce the process to come to a stop. No longer will the process be acceptable to us and the result is of no value to us. Whether the United Nations will continue the process or the Commission or our rival team, whatever they do is their business. From tomorrow on we will not be responsible in this process.  And what the outcome is, will no longer be our responsibility. Its responsibility will turn to those who were deceiving us in the last few weeks and never accepted our reasonable demands

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