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The Green Trend of Afghanistan has joined the Reform and Partnership Team!

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to the Green Trend: “we promise a government free of corruption and discrimination to all”


Tuesday morning, the Green Trend of Afghanistan lead by Amrullah Saleh, declared their support for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s candidacy and stated that after today, the Green Trend will be part of the Reform and Partnership coalition. Tens of thousands of people gathered to cheer and support Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Kabul city. The crowd was very vibrant and euphoriant when Dr. Abdullah Abdullah entered the hall.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stated the following to the cheering members of the Green Trend: “I thank all members of the Green Trend and my brother and the leader of this trend, Amrullah Saleh for joining us and taking this rational step and decision. Insha’Allah we are moving closer to victory.”


Mr. Saleh during his speech said: “Our only word to the people is that we will only support and vote for #1 (Dr. Abdullah’s ballot number). The Green Trend of Afghanistan only has one wish from Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and is to eradicate corruption and discrimination from the government”



Monitors Worry About Runoff Fraud

A number of Afghan election monitoring groups have warned that the runoff round of this year's presidential race could face increased fraud on the part of candidates so long as the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) have staff members supporting one or the other candidate and engaging in fraud themselves. more......

Regional Experts Develop Common Vision for Future Afghanistan
Around 60 regional multidisciplinary and leading experts and specialists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian Republics, China, India, Russia and Turkey presented a common view on the future of Afghanistan in Kabul through the launch of the “Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability.”click here..

Meeting a Young Dr. Abdullah

It had been a long journey into the Hindu Kush mountains, starting in the Northwest of Pakistan in the summer of 1987. We began by secretly crossing the border into Afghanistan, trekking through Nuristan and finally making it over half a dozen 10,000-foot mountains to the Panjshir Valley. There, I   more......

Abdullah Abdullah Moves Toward Center of Afghan Power


KABUL, Afghanistan — AFTER decades roaming the margins of power — as a close aide to the revered resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, as a foreign minister and later as Afghanistan’s perennial opposition leader — Abdullah Abdullah may finally be arriving at the center of it all.Since his electoral loss to President Hamid Karzai in 2009, Mr. Abdullah, who is of mixed Pashtun and Tajik ethnicity, has widened his political base, having used persuasion and energy to forge alliances built  more......

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah: In His Own Words
I was born about fifty years ago in this house (pointing to his father’s house located in Kart-e-Parwan, Kabul). My father Ghulam Muhayuddin was from Kandahar province and my mother was from Panjshir. Before moving to Kart-e-Parwan my parents lived in the De Afghanan area of Kabul more......

The Afghan Election  The Man Who Could Upset Karzai

In Afghanistan's presidential race, the top challenger to President Karzai is former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah

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