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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the Reform and Partnership Team, visits the victims of Paktika at the Emergency Hospital
Yesterday, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah visited the injured victims of Urgun district in Paktika province. The front-runner of the presidential election visited the hospital and distributed aid and money to the victims and prayed to God for their recovery. Dr. Abdullah after conversing with the victims spoke to several reporters and thanked the Emergency Hospital for their generosity and service towards these victims. In addition, Dr. Abdullah condemned the inhumane actions of the enemies of Afghanistan and wishes for a time in the near future where his land is read more

Resistance Against Fraud has Brought Awareness to the World
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the leader of the Reform and Partnership team visited the Anti-Fraud Movement at their central tent in Kabul. Sunday night, the front-runner of the presidential election spoke amongst hundreds of loyal supporters in the tent and thanked all of them for their resistance and perseverance. Dr. Abdullah explained to them their achievements during the negotiations between the two candidates and read more

Finally, The Impasse Has Broken and The People Have Become Victorious
Finally, during the most sensitive and crisis-stricken moment, the groups that were involved in the fraud have accepted the will of the people which has caused the end of the impasse. Without doubt, the cause of this was weeks of petitioning and demanding the rights of the people by the Reform and Partnership team and the cooperation of the UN and the government of the United States of Afghanistan. John Kerry at the joint press conference during Saturday night with Dr. Abdullah read more

Announcement of the Reform and Partnership Team Led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
After evaluating the electoral events of June 14, 2014 the Observation Committee of the Reform and Partnership Team has prepared a list of some of the questionable instances in relation to the presidential election which we here share with our countrymen: 1 - - At the end of the Election Day when counting of the vote had not yet finished read more

The Reform and Partnership Team has Suspended All Activities at the Electoral Commissions
Today, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a press conference announced that since the electoral commissions have failed to cooperate with the Reform and Partnership team and that the IEC and ECC’s activities is biased, all communication and activities will be suspended until our demands are met and serious changes come about. In addition, Dr. Abdullah demanded that the whole vote counting process should be halted and that the electoral commissions have lost its legitimacy for not complying with the laws of this land and working in favor of one candidate. read more

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s Press Conference Two Days after the Election
“The head of the IEC’s secretariat should be suspended from his job” Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the front-runner and potential winner of the presidential election condemned the large-scale fraud committed during Election Day and warned that he will defend the rights of the people of this country. Additionally, he condemned the terrorist and devilish acts of the enemies of Afghanistan for killing people and chopping many of the index fingers of those who voted. Dr. Abdullah stated that Zia-ul Haq Amarkhel, the head of IEC’s secretariat, is the symbol of those committing fraud and he demanded his suspension as soon as possible. read more

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at the Post-election Press Conference: “the people supported us, the result is also clear for us.”
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the Reform and Partnership Team, in a post-election press conference last night showed his optimism towards the participation of the people in this round and thanked all citizens of Afghanistan for their confidence and trust towards us. Even though he said he is aware of the results and was extremely optimistic that it was in favor of him, he said that he will respect the law and will not announce anything before the electoral commissions. Dr. Abdullah stressed that the future of read more

Sardar Mohammad Nader, another candidate from the first-round joins the Reform and Partnership Team
Sardar Naim who was a candidate in the first round, joined the Reform and Partnership team and declared his support for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Azizullah Poya, Naim’s running-mate, at the gathering said: “Dr. Abdullah was a true freedom fighter who stood next to his people at the time of crisis and war and did not abandon them. We need people like Dr. Abdullah who knows what these people have gone through and are able to lead the society and the State.” read more

Dr. Abdullah to Afghanistan’s Athletes: “Strengthening our country’s sports and encouraging our athletes is a priority for us”
Friday morning, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the Reform and Partnership Team, attended an event where hundreds of athletes gathered to declare their support for his candidacy. They showed their support for him by starting a bicycle race from Darulaman to the Ghazi Stadium. Dr. Abdullah told the athletes who were from different age groups that once he is elected he will improve the current condition in order for sports to be promoted and strengthened. Additionally, he stressed how much sports and working out is important for read more

Professional Women Support Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Front-Runner of the Presidential Election
On 5th of June, about one thousand professional women of Afghanistan gathered to overflow capacity at the Intercontinental hotel to declare their support for the Reform and Partnership Team led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. The program was held by the Reform and Partnership Team for its female supporters and organized by civil society organizations such as Mawj-e Tahhawol. The attendees were active in society and have declared for the Reform and Partnership Team: From school teachers and read more

Supporting the Rights of Women: the 2014 Charter of the Reform and Partnership Team
Women form half of Afghanistan’s population. The Reform and Partnership Team is committed to improving the situation of this important segment of society. We believe that supporting and protecting the rights of women has been emphasized in the Islamic and human teachings. With this valuable backbone, in the last thirteen years, there could have been major steps in the way of progress and ensuring of women’s essential rights, which unfortunately did not happen. read more

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah after the assassination attempt on his life: “the best answer to the terrorists is to vote and participate in the election process”
On Friday, 6th of June, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the front-runner of the presidential election and the leader of the Reform and Partnership team, survived an assassination attempt on his life. As Dr. Abdullah left a gathering held by Mohammad Akbari’s National Wahdat Party, terrorists attacked his convoy thrice and left many martyred and wounded. Four from Dr. Abdullah’s convoy were killed and three civilians who were at the scene were martyred. The read more

The Reform and Partnership Team in Kapisa Province Today!
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the Reform and Partnership team and the front-runner of the presidential election, attended an election rally in Kapisa province. Tens of thousands of Kapisa’s inhabitants chanted dozens of slogans and shouted “we support you” when Dr. Abdullah arrived at the scene. Dr. Abdullah assured the people that there is no doubt that we will be victorious in this round of the presidential election. Dr. Abdullah told them that the people only read more

Abdul Rab Rassul Sayyaf’s Team Endorses Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
Abdul Rab Rassul Sayyaf, one of the presidential candidates in the first round, endorsed Dr. Abdullah Abdullah with his running mates on Tuesday 3rd of June, 2014. During this event, the prominent supporters of Sayyaf’s team were present there and they expressed their support for the Reform and Partnership team. Heads of both houses of parliament, Mr. Ibrahimi and Mr. Muslimyar, attended this event and declared their support for Dr. Abdullah’s candidacy. read more

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s Election Rally in Ghazni City
In the midst of the current campaign, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah visited Ghazni city. Tens of thousands gathered to declare their support for Dr. Abdullah and with warmth they welcomed him. Dr. Abdullah started by praying for the souls of the martyrs of Ghazni and expressed his gratitude for supporting him in his endeavor to become Afghanistan’s next president. He praised Ghazni for contributing to our civilization by nurturing renowned poets, scholars and mystics throughout history. read more

Monitors Worry About Runoff Fraud

A number of Afghan election monitoring groups have warned that the runoff round of this year's presidential race could face increased fraud on the part of candidates so long as the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) have staff members supporting one or the other candidate and engaging in fraud themselves. more......

Regional Experts Develop Common Vision for Future Afghanistan
Around 60 regional multidisciplinary and leading experts and specialists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian Republics, China, India, Russia and Turkey presented a common view on the future of Afghanistan in Kabul through the launch of the “Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability.”click here..

Meeting a Young Dr. Abdullah

It had been a long journey into the Hindu Kush mountains, starting in the Northwest of Pakistan in the summer of 1987. We began by secretly crossing the border into Afghanistan, trekking through Nuristan and finally making it over half a dozen 10,000-foot mountains to the Panjshir Valley. There, I   more......

Abdullah Abdullah Moves Toward Center of Afghan Power


KABUL, Afghanistan — AFTER decades roaming the margins of power — as a close aide to the revered resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, as a foreign minister and later as Afghanistan’s perennial opposition leader — Abdullah Abdullah may finally be arriving at the center of it all.Since his electoral loss to President Hamid Karzai in 2009, Mr. Abdullah, who is of mixed Pashtun and Tajik ethnicity, has widened his political base, having used persuasion and energy to forge alliances built  more......

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah: In His Own Words
I was born about fifty years ago in this house (pointing to his father’s house located in Kart-e-Parwan, Kabul). My father Ghulam Muhayuddin was from Kandahar province and my mother was from Panjshir. Before moving to Kart-e-Parwan my parents lived in the De Afghanan area of Kabul more......

The Afghan Election  The Man Who Could Upset Karzai

In Afghanistan's presidential race, the top challenger to President Karzai is former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah

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