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FOR INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVATION and CODE OF CONDUCT FOR INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVERS Commemorated October 27, 2005, at the United Nations, New York DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES FOR INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVATION and CODE OF CONDUCT FOR INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVERS Commemorated October 27, 2005, at the United Nations, New York Endorsing Organizations as of October 24, 2005: African Union Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) The Carter Center read more

NCA Leader Meets Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Polish Ambassadors
During separate meetings in August 2012, NCA Leader Dr. Abdullah Abdullah discussed regional issues with the ambassadors of Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan. On 5 August, NCA Leader discussed the Badakhshan border unrests with Tajik Ambassador Sharfuddin Imamof. On 8 August, NCA Leader discussed Afghanistan-Iran relations and the development of events in Syria with the Iranian Ambassador Abul Fazel Zohrawand. On the same day read more

Pakistan Prime Minister meets NCA Leader
On 19 July 2012, Pakistan new Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf met NCA Leader Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul. The Pakistani delegation included Foreign Affairs Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Ambassador Mohammad Sadiq. NCA Leader was accompanied by senior members of NCA Leadership Council, former Lower House Speaker Yunus Qanooni, Homayoun Shah Asefi, Nurulhaq Olumi, Said Ali Kazemi, Mahmoud Saikal and Mohammad Asem. read more

UN Top Envoy Discusses Tokyo Conference and Elections with NCA Leader
On 30 June 2012, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Kubis met NCA Leader Dr Abdullah at his residence in Kabul. During the meeting, attended by NCA Leadership Council Member Mahmoud Saikal and Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General Nicholas Haysom, both sides discussed the forthcoming Tokyo Conference and future Presidential and Parliamentary elections. read more

EU Delegation Meets NCA Leader
On 27th June 2012 NCA Leader Dr Abdullah met with a EU high level delegation in Kabul. In this meeting Ahmad Wali Masoud, the Head of NCA Board of Policy and Ambassador of EU in Kabul were also present. David Tirr, the head of the delegation and Bettina Muscheidt, executive adviser of the delegation talked about EU relationship and importance of expansion of such a development with Afghanistan. read more

Herat Warmly Welcomes NCA Youth Delegation
On 17 June 2012 a four member delegation of NCA Youth Committee led by Masoud Ashna visited Herat for one week. The visit came after a decision of the NCA Leadership Council, carried out by the NCA Executive Council. The main aim of the visit was to meet with Herati youths and students at government and private universities, sport centres, cultural foundations and local youth associations in south-western zone of Afghanistan. read more

NCA Leadership Council Discusses Current Political and Security Conditions
On 19 June 2012, NCA Leadership Council (LC) held its regular meeting in Kabul. Key items on the meeting agenda were reporting and analyzing NCA’s activities, reviewing political and security conditions of Afghanistan and the upcoming special session of Parliament. The meeting was chaired by prominent LC member Mohammad Yunus Qanooni. read more

NCA Celebrates Mother’s Day in Kabul
On 14th June 2012, hundreds of Afghan women and cultural personalities, celebrated Mother’s Day in an innovative function held by NCA Women Committee in the social gathering hall of NCA headquarter in Kabul. read more

NCA Strongly Condemns Civillian Killings and Sufferings in Kandahar, Faryab and Takhar
Last week the Taliban committed another horrendous war crime against the people of Afghanistan. A Taliban suicide attack killed twenty and wounded more than fifty innocent civilians in Kandahar city. Another Taliban suicide attack was carried out in Faryab province and a group of Taliban terrorists poisoned many girl students at different schools in read more

SCPA expressed solidarity with NCA
In early June 2012, Members of Solidarity Council of People of Afghanistan (SCPA) and many other Afghan figures and citizens met and exchanged views with NCA Leader Dr Abdullah at NCA headquarter in Kabul. Mr. Sayed Raza Hashemi, the President of SCPA, stated that the solution for current crisis in Afghanistan lies on establishing connection between our northern and southern countrymen, and erasing the northern and southern misperceptions from people’s minds. He added that the only aim behind establishing SCPA was this read more

US Congressmen meet NCA Leader
In early June 2012, a nine member delegation from US Congress led by David Dreier and David Price representatives of Republicans and Democrats met with NCA Leader Dr A. Abdullah in Kabul to find out the NCA views on Afghanistan and its future. Both sides talked about the Security and Political Transitions, Parliament and upcoming Presidential Election in Afghanistan. During the meeting, Dr Abdullah stressed that the Afghan read more

US Officials Meet NCA Leadership Members
Senior members of NCA Leadership Council met on 28 May 2012 with Mr. George Hodgson, Senior Advisor in the US Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan & Pakistan. Mr Homayun Shah Asefi, a prominent member of the NCA Leadership Council, and Dr Nadjib Yusofi, member of the same Council and Vice-President of the NCA Executive Council, exchanged views with Mr Hodgson on issues of concern in Afghanistan. read more

NCA briefs Diplomatic Corps on its Agenda for Future Afghanistan
On 7 May 2012 NCA leadership held a briefing session to Kabul diplomatic corps. Around thirty five missions were represented at the session, most of them by ambassadors and deputy heads of missions. NCA leader Dr. A. Abdullah welcomed the participants and outlined NCA stand on current issues, including security and political transitions, reconciliation, elections, Afghanistan's strategic partnership with key allies and governance. read more

Afghan political opposition issued Joint Statement on the Election Process
The success of political power transition and that of security transition are the most important indicators of stability, security and sustainable development of Afghanistan beyond 2014. While some attention has been given to the security transition, unfortunately, the political process, read more

NCA declares: President Karzai’s unilateral decisions regarding Afghanistan elections are Invalid
The Government of Afghanistan is adamant in weakening the fundamental foundations of Afghanistan’s democracy and rule of law. It continues to undermine the role of international institutions providing support to strengthening Afghanistan’s electoral process. It has also appointed read more

Monitors Worry About Runoff Fraud

A number of Afghan election monitoring groups have warned that the runoff round of this year's presidential race could face increased fraud on the part of candidates so long as the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) have staff members supporting one or the other candidate and engaging in fraud themselves. more......

Regional Experts Develop Common Vision for Future Afghanistan
Around 60 regional multidisciplinary and leading experts and specialists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian Republics, China, India, Russia and Turkey presented a common view on the future of Afghanistan in Kabul through the launch of the “Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability.”click here..

Meeting a Young Dr. Abdullah

It had been a long journey into the Hindu Kush mountains, starting in the Northwest of Pakistan in the summer of 1987. We began by secretly crossing the border into Afghanistan, trekking through Nuristan and finally making it over half a dozen 10,000-foot mountains to the Panjshir Valley. There, I   more......

Abdullah Abdullah Moves Toward Center of Afghan Power


KABUL, Afghanistan — AFTER decades roaming the margins of power — as a close aide to the revered resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, as a foreign minister and later as Afghanistan’s perennial opposition leader — Abdullah Abdullah may finally be arriving at the center of it all.Since his electoral loss to President Hamid Karzai in 2009, Mr. Abdullah, who is of mixed Pashtun and Tajik ethnicity, has widened his political base, having used persuasion and energy to forge alliances built  more......

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah: In His Own Words
I was born about fifty years ago in this house (pointing to his father’s house located in Kart-e-Parwan, Kabul). My father Ghulam Muhayuddin was from Kandahar province and my mother was from Panjshir. Before moving to Kart-e-Parwan my parents lived in the De Afghanan area of Kabul more......

The Afghan Election  The Man Who Could Upset Karzai

In Afghanistan's presidential race, the top challenger to President Karzai is former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah

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