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Abdul Sattar Muraad: The Fate of Nine Hundred Thousand Votes Should be Investigated

on Monday afternoon, The Reform and Partnership team held a press conference and they announced that about 900,000 votes have been suspiciously added into the database of the IEC and that they should be investigated.

Abdul Sattar Muraad, the deputy of the campaign team, presented his findings with documents and evidence from the IEC website on how some have committed fraud and violations in IEC during and after the Election Day. In fact, more than 500,000 votes have been added in favor of Ashraf Ghani and another 400,000 votes are lost and are not in the database.

Additionally, he said that the Reform and Partnership team is committed to defend the votes and rights of the citizens of Afghanistan and that the IEC has failed to provide the results transparently and that their IT system failed to control and filter any questionable result sheets.

Mr. Muraad throughout his powerpoint presentation provided examples of the different types of fraud and violations that were committed by the culprits. For example, he provided evidence on how many of the result sheets were repeatedly recorded into the system in favor of Ashraf Ghani, which brings the efficiency of the system under question. Many of the polling centers that did commit this crime were in Paktia and Nangarhar province.

Many of the forms that were in the IEC website lacked the seal of the IEC and the signiture of the polling center's official and all of them were done in favor of Ashraf Ghani and in these sheets the votes of Dr. Abdullah were deliberately decreased.

Furthermore, Mr. Murad explained how the data on the result sheets of the IEC are different from the data on the result sheets of our observers which were given to them after the ballots were counted. On the result sheets that we have they have the seal of the IEC but the ones provided by the IEC with the wrong data lacks any seal and signiture. These were also done to increase Ashraf Ghani's votes.

In addition, many of the result sheets from the polling stations are dubious because the real results were crossed and new numbers were written with a different pen. The votes of Dr. Abdullah were decreased in these forms and the votes of the Ashraf Ghani were increased.

Mr. Muraad stated that despite our warnings to the IEC that they should send enough ballot papers to the provinces but during Election Day many of the polling stations ran out of them in the first few hours after they opened. However, the ballot papers that were sent to many of the other provinces exceeded the population of the those provinces and we have no idea what happened to the extra papers.

At the end of the press conference Mr. Muraad stressed that the IEC and ECC should provide transparency and that they should not insult the people by removing their clean votes and to replace them with fabricated ones.


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